Newest Stone Plugs at Urban Body Jewelry 2017!

Stone Plugs 2017

Stone plugs are great to look at, great for your ears and are an easy natural plug to look after. Simply give them a wipe over when they need it! Give your ears a break from all that plastic, or simply change it up with our organic range of stone plugs in tonnes of styles. Check out these new styles that just hit the store.

Double Flare Gold Obsidian Stone Plugs

You might be surprised to look at it, but Obsidian isn't quite a stone. It's a volcanic rock and comes in all kinds of shades from green and purple to rainbow and, like these double flared gold obsidian plugs here, gold!

These gold obsidian plugs are awesome because they change from a darker black to a more opaque gold color depending on the light. They'll make any black on black outfit go from boring to dimensional.

Gold Obsidian Plugs

Obsidian Stone Plugs with Turquoise Howlite Inlay

See what I mean with these black as black can be plugs! These plugs show off just how dark obsidian black is by contrasting it with a bright blue inlaid turquoise howlite stone.

50 x 50 Stone Plug Collection

Obsidian Stone Plugs with CZ Inlay

Okay, so we're not quite done with obsidian just yet! There's just so much to it! You can go classic or casual with the gold toned obsidian. Opt for an unbelievable bohemian look with the turquoise inlay. Or with these, have a classy pair to rock to any event! These obsidian plugs are encrusted with a crystal right in the center!

Black Obsidian Stone Plugs CZ Gem Inlay

Double Flare Malachite Stone Plugs

Okay, okay, but what if obsidian isn't your thing?

Check out these dark green malachite stone plugs for a change of pace. They're still dark, but with a touch of colour from the streaks of green that create the malachite's unique color scheme that will be brought out at certain angles.

Green Malachite Stone Plugs

 Rose Quarts Stone Hoop Plugs

How could we forget the ever popular rose quartz stone plug. It's light, airy and, well, pink! We love that rose quartz stone has a mix of pink, white and subtle grey in it's palate.

Rose Quartz Stone Hoop Plugs

 For more of our stone jewelry, from howlite to tiger's eye, find it on our stone plugs page.

 Remember that when buying stone plugs each one is unique to you! They might not all look the same. That's the deal when you by something crafted from nature itself. It really is amazing!