Newest Wooden Plugs on Urban Body Jewelry 2017

New Wooden Gauges 2017

There are a few rules to wooden plugs. Keep them smelling nice and from splitting by oiling them up with jojoba oil. Never soak them in water or swim in them. And never wear them in healing piercings. Other than all this, they're an awesome organic style of plug that are light weight and look great! Just check out the newest styles that just hit the store!

Wooden Plugs with Yin Yang Inlay

Ying Yang Gauges

These yin and yang inlayed wood plugs feature a variety of wood finish. For the chocolate brown base is saba wood, the black half of the inlay is areng wood and the white is crocodile wood in order to make a 100% wood plug without any staining! Pretty incredible the variety of colors wood can be!


Paw Print Saba Wood Tunnels

Paw Animal Gauges

How cute are these paw print saba wood tunnels? They're perfect for any dedicated animal lover! The dark chocolate color is characteristic of saba wood trees.


Tamarind Wooden Teardrop Plugs

Teardrop Gauges

These tamarind teardrop plugs / gauges are super pretty in a light chocolate, layered wooden design (of course polished smooth and safe for ears!).


Sunflower Turquoise Inlay Oval Wood Plugs

These sunflower and turquoise wood plugs bring the best of organic materials by featuring a stone design set in carved wood.

Wood Flower Gauges

Areng Wooden Hoop Plugs

Areng wood is a decorative wood that was actually used all the way back in Egyptian carvings. Black areng wood is a natural option that looks very similar to some acrylic and black steel jewelry, but it's super light weight and organic! Just check out these areng wooden hoop plugs that have a myriad of areng colours from dark black to traditional wood stripes!

Organic Hoop Gauges

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