Precious Opalite Stone Teardrop Plugs (2G - 1 Inch)

These precious gems will look marvelous on anyone! They make an excellent- more or less neutral and hence always wearable- addition to any ear stretching collection, so there is no reason to doubt that these opalite teardrop double flare plugs are a great find. Made of polished stone in a teardrop shape, these can be worn to any event since they are a clear or gentle, milky white color. Note that they are not for fresh piercings because of the unique shape. Get yours now in any of the following available sizes / gauges: 2 gauge (6mm) , 0 gauge (8mm) , 00 gauge (10mm), 1/2 inch (12mm), 9/16 inch (14mm), 5/8 inch (16mm), 3/4" inch (19mm) and 1 inch (25mm). See them in action:

Opalite Teardrop Gauges