Septum Piercings in Today’s Society

Septum Piercings 101

Septum piercings are all the rage in the piercing world. But where did they originate from? The history involves ancient Native Americans, Aztecs, Mayans, and many other tribes. The piercing in the nostril was just as common as the ear in these tribes. The piercing was a symbol of a warrior and was meant to make the person look intimidating. The piercing was also for aesthetic reasons, because the piercing of large ornaments would help to flatten the nose, which was a sought after look in these cultures. In some cultures this piercing was a rite of passage and occurred as early as 9 or 10 years of age. Once they take their soul-seeking journey, they come back a man and get their septum piercing to prove it.

In today’s society, it is not a rite of passage, more like a decoration for those looking to be edgy and outrageous. The crowd thatCute Septum Piercingis most interested in this piercing is the younger crowd. The older crowd is not as interested in the septum piercing, usually because they prefer old school ear-type piercings. This younger generation has even started looking into different styles, including those that don’t even commit and wear the clip on septum rings.

A dangle septum clicker is commonly used by women to show their decorative style, mimicking the look of the Indian women and their septum piercings. 

So, what type of jewelry should be used for this type of piercing? The edgier generation will use thicker gauge piercings around 14, versus the more standard piercing of a 16 or 18 gauge. The jewelry that you select can say a lot about the style you are trying to rock. Captive bead rings or septum clickers are awesome pieces of jewelry. A dangle septum clicker is commonly used by women to show their decorative style, mimicking the look of the Indian women and their septum piercings. This type of jewelry is very feminine and rarely used by men. Men prefer the thicker gauge piercings that are horseshoe-shaped circular barbell, this gives a brave and hard look to the man donning this piece of jewelry.

For the more unique style, there are bone jewelry pieces that mimic the old Native American look and this piercing is held in place by retainers. There are also the new and unique moustache septum piercing that actually comes out of the nose and looks curvy like a moustache. It is definitely an interesting and unique look and even comes in a buffalo horn material to look more authentic.

You select the jewelry and the gauge size and you will have your very own septum piercing. Remember this type of piercing is not too high on the pain scale, since it goes through tissue and not cartilage. It is also a great piercing to get young in life, because if you change your mind it is easily removable and not in a place that is noticeable. This piercing is the perfect piercing for you and if you change your mind it is the perfect piercing to hide in your nostril cavity or remove and never leave a trace.