Simple Ear Stretching Maintenance

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Stretching your ears properly and safely can take a long time - from the initial stretch to waiting weeks or even months between sizes. Once you’ve reached your goal size, or a size on the way that you’ve been sitting comfortably at for a while, the job is not over. Here are some simple ear stretching maintenance tips and techniques to keep your stretched ears looking their best.

When thinking about stretched ear maintenance we mean how to keep your plugs clean and massaging your ears.

How to Keep Your Plugs Clean

If you have a set of plugs that you wear almost every day, you might have noticed a build up of grime on them. It might seem a little gross but this includes skin cells, bacteria from your everyday and probably some massage oil if you’re keeping up with a healthy stretched ear routine!

Cleaning your plugs is super easy. Here’s how!

Take a clean paper towel.

Set the flares of your plug (the part that actually touches your ear lobes) against the paper and spin the plug so that it rubs against the paper towel.

When doing this the skin cells are going to slowly start coming off onto the paper towel. This may take a couple minutes to completely clean the jewelry of the remnants, but trust the process! It works. There’s no need to use any water or any cleansers.

How to Massage Stretched Ears

How often you massage your ears depends on your lifestyle. It could be as often as twice a week to once every other week. Of course this depends on how large the size of your stretched ears is, but it won’t hurt to “over massage” them at smaller sizes.

Some oils to consider are Jojoba Oil, coconut oil, mineral oil, emu oil and vitamin e oil. These are all great to massage your ears with! They promote blood flow and will keep your ears looking nice and moisturized.

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There you go! It doesn’t take too much effort to keep the stretched ears that you spent so much time and effort on looking good and staying healthy!