Spotlight on Opalite Plugs and Tunnels

 Opalite is an unusual semi-precious stone, frequently used for some very beautiful jewelry pieces. Weather you wear tunnels or plugs, this material will instantly be able to bring a unique kind of beauty to your ears, with colorful swirls that immediately attract great complements for everyone.

If you aren’t one to reach for attention as often, there is a wonderful side to opalite that you will find appealing- not only is the Opalite Stone Ear Gaugescolor of the stone soft and neutral, it will also pair up with pretty much any kind of outfit or attitude. For instance, if you prefer to wear darker colors, your opalite plugs or tunnels will bring a nice contrast to your outfit. On the other hand, if you usually tend to opt for brighter colors already, then opalite will be able to blend along with them very nicely, enhancing them with various flecks of gold, pink or green. No matter what kind of sense of style you have, opalite will make a great combination with it.

So what if opalite can be attractive when worn with anything? What if I can’t wear it? If you find that you are allergic to a lot of metal alloys that jewelry is now made of, or if you just have very sensitive skin, then don’t fret. Nickel and other cheap metal-free, this semi-precious stone will not likely cause any kind of irritation that other materials can often cause.

It is obvious that opalite is a valuable stone- it’s both attractive and comfortable to wear. However, shouldn’t that make it rather expensive? Well, the answer is- not at all! They are actually rather inexpensive compared to a lot of other semi-precious stones and jewelry materials. Durable, fashionable, safe and affordable, this is definitely worth buying.

You can see the a list of the different Opalite styles here: