To Pierce or Not to Pierce?

Fake Body Piercings

Piercings can be a large commitment and may be a bit scary for first timers. Some piercings are permanent and may never close, so deciding to obtain one is an important decision. Piercings in the ear are the most common, with the navel and nose becoming close runner ups. The pain factor involved in a piercing is also something to consider. And don’t forget the aftercare that is required to keep your piercing clean and healthy. This piercing dilemma may be hard if you want the style, but not all of the work that goes into it. So, what is one to do?

Well, jump on the bandwagon, because there is an alternative. Fake piercings are one of the hottest trends with very little commitment. Clip-on piercings are a great way to look as if you have a piercing without the actual piercing and responsibilities required. This option has no pain or left-over hole if you choose to ditch the piercing later in life.

Septum clickers are one of the best options for a fake, but realistic looking piercing in the nose. The location of the clip is hidden within the nostrils of the individual wearing the jewelry. The look is realistic and painless. It is also removable when you are in a professional setting and easily replaced when you are in a party mood. The look is extremely versatile, with no strings attached. Check out the collection of fake septum jewelry here:

Fake Septum Clicker Jewelry

Many of us also know girls from school, who were not able to pierce their ears. Therefore, they used clip-on earrings for that stylish look without the piercing. These are still an option for those that do not wish to pierce their ears. There are many styles, including magnetic styles that look as if you are really wearing an earring.

Another popular, non-pierced piece of jewelry is known as the ear cuff. This is usually a piercing on the outside cartilage of the ear. However, for those squeamish of obtaining a piercing, there is an alternative. Ear cuffs can be clipped on the outside ridge of the ear to mimic the look of an actual piercing in that location. Some of these cuffs are adjustable to fit to the shape of your ear. The look is a great addition to your style and should be considered if you are not into a permanent commitment.

Piercings can be a permanent addition to your look and may be something you regret in the years to come. Considering the clip-on versions of piercing jewelry is the best option if you are unsure of what you want and would like to try it out first. It is also a great way to change your look to fit your mood and style for the day, without any ramifications. Try it on for a bit and see if that look is what you want for the long haul. Most people will never know the difference and you can show your wild side on the weekend and revert to your professional side come Monday.