Top 5 Belly Ring Styles for Summer

Summer Belly Button Rings

With warm months ahead and the comeback of styles like crop tops, this summer is the perfect chance to show off a cute belly-button piercing! Whether you’re strutting around in your bikini, or casually barbecuing, there are plenty of styles of belly rings to fit any outfit, and all are bound to turn heads. Below, you’ll find our top five picks for belly rings to wear come summertime! 

Pendant-Styled Belly Button Rings

With pendant belly button rings, the barbell is curved like any normal belly ring, but from the bottom of the barbell there is a small charm attached, often designed to dangle over the wearer’s stomach. These charms can be virtually anything – from dangling chandeliers and dreamcatchers, to bows, butterflies, and sea shells. This style is great to complement an outfit or make a statement, and looks especially good with a new bikini.

Feathered Rings

Among pendant-style rings, there’s a new trend growing of feathered belly-button rings. Not just metal feathers either – actual feathers, just like the ones worn in ear piercings and hair. If you’re not too concerned about being tickled while you wear it, a feathered ring would look great with any Bohemian style outfit.

Opalite Rings

Opalite colors are a popular new style and are great for wearing with a halter top or a bikini. Some of the best styles come in various colors and designs, such as this one, which features a white oaplite with a tribal plate backing.

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Twisting Rings 

For something more creative than the standard barbell, there is a spiral-style belly ring like this. Best for making a statement or drawing attention to the piercing, these often have clever designs, with some even beginning with an arrow head on one end and ending with feathers on the other. Regardless of which design you choose, this style is bound to turn heads.

Navel Shields / Top Down Rings

Similar to pendant-style rings, these barbells have a charm, except that rather than being attached to the bottom of the barbell, they are attached to the top. This can often make for some really interesting ring designs (often that frame the belly button itself) – our favorite is this rose gold anchor belly ring, designed to encircle the belly button with the anchor and feature 5 cubic zirconia gems.

There are many other trends in belly button piercings – with a piercing so versatile, the options are endless!