Tragus Piercing For The Outsiders

Tragus Jewelry

Tragus piercings are one of the most fashionable trends in piercings now. The traditional earlobe piercing is the standard piercing that people obtain in their ears. The tragus piercing is also in the ear, but it is pierced in the cartilage flap that is right outside and in front of the ear canal. This piercing is for those that are trying to be unique and distinguishable from the rest. There is even an anti-tragus piercing that is exactly opposite of the tragus above the earlobe and on the bottom of the ear canal.

Tragus Piercing

Expert Piercing Artist

Most piercings have a large enough area that the person piercing does not need to be an expert. However, with tragus piercings, you are dealing with a very small area and the piercing artist needs to have experience. The piercer also needs to have great precision to get a straight piercing that doesn’t harm the ear canal. This type of piercings are not that painful, due to very few nerve endings in that area. The healing time is also fairly quick.

Tragus Piercing Part 2


The tragus area does not usually have much room for a large piece of jewelry. Stud piercings are a great option for those that want to be sophisticated, but still professional. Rings are also a great accessory for the tragus area and they fit perfectly Titanium Purple Captive Tragus Ringaround the cartilage flap. Another wild option is to put a barbell in the tragus, with different ends to showcase your individuality. L bends are another option with a post and a ball on one end and then a long wire with no end. This type of jewelry is easy to switch out, but the free end can be uncomfortable, because it is in the ear canal. Labret studs are a great option for this area, especially if you like to use ear buds. These have a threaded end and a flat disc on the other end. This is the best option to keep the ear canal open and free from interference.


This is one of the piercings that is not known to be from ancient times. The trend of the tragus piercing is thought to have occurred in the 1980’s and has only grown in popularity since then. This type of piercing is thought to be for the individuals out there that want to show a little bit of their wild side, without going overboard. This piercing is classy and can even be worn by professionals with tasteful stud jewelry. The history has just begun with this type of piercing, so be a part of the trend that creates new history for the books.

Tragus piercings are a hot trend right now and can really accentuate your entire look. The fact that the pain is minimal and that the piercing is pretty easy to heal makes it a smart choice as well as an aesthetic choice. Get a tragus piercing and show a little bit of your wild side in a classy way.