Unique Body Piercing Ideas in 2017

2017 Popular kinds of Piercings

This year is all about finding piercings that you love and making them yours! Whether that means a dainty nipple piercing or multiple conch piercings, you do you!

Here are some of our favorites to inspire your piercing exploits this year.

Gender Neutral Piercings!

When it comes down to it we often unconsciously stereotype piercings. But in 2017 we’ll be making a stand and we can already see celebrities following through.

For men, why not try out nipple piercings (some believe they heal faster on men anyway!), nose piercings or even ear piercings if you aren’t quite the piercing connoisseur.

For femms wanting more masculine piercings opt for heavy lip piercings, eyebrow piercings and tongue. Piercings that are considered more masculine are those that are thicker, heavier looking and multiple cartilage piercings.

This year everything goes!

Asymmetrical Piercings

If you’ve seen our trend report for 2017 you might already have noticed that asymmetrical piercings are going to be big for 2017! Playing with placement gives you so many more options when it comes to making piercings your own all while trying out something that’s popular.

We’re loving single nipple piercings, double nostril piercings and going all out on one ear! How about you?

Ear Piercings are Coming Back in 2017!

If you’ve started to think that ear piercings are getting old, you’re dead wrong! All the finicky ear piercing spots like the tragus, rook, helix, snug, second lobe piercing and so forth are starting to get the recognition they deserve. Here are just a couple unique ear piercings to try in 2017:

Awesome Body Jewelry

The vertical industrial – this is like the industrial but sits vertically across the inner ear. It looks just like a bar across your ear canal and looks super unique when combined with a traditional industrial.

Conch piercings and stretched conches. This isn’t a piercing for the light of heart.

Stretching a cartilage piercing such as the conch, which sits on the base of the ear amidst all of the folds, takes a lot more time and care than stretching thinner, softer skin like the lobes or septum.



Alternative you can sometimes have a conch (or any piercing) pierced at a larger size, sometimes even punched. Some countries have strict laws on using a biopsy punch in order to remove larger amounts of flesh to bypass the stretching process. But this is only for much larger sizes.

That’s our list of unique piercing ideas you should check out for 2017. Did it give you any ideas for piercings you might like to try out this year? Let us know!