Unique Tragus Piercing Jewelry!

Tragus Piercing Jewelry

When it comes to tragus piercing jewelry you have so many options! Almost any kind of piercing jewelry can be used in a healed tragus piercing.

You can rock anything from studs, flat back posts, captive bead rings, circular barbells, straight barbells, curved barbells, segment rings. The options are endless! Just keep in mind that some earphones don’t mix well with certain styles of piercing jewelry! You wouldn’t want to get caught up. Other than that, it all depends on the look you’re opting for! Here are some of our favourite unique tragus jewelry types for you to consider.

Studs are perfect for a simple, understated look and are great if you’re worried your ear is growing too crowded with piercings. This is a major problem for a healing tragus piercing as it might mean rubbing against other piercings and even catching on them too. Studs can help deal with this.

Show just how sweet you are with this cherry red tragus piercing stud.

If you have that extra personality, show it off with this huge five ball opalite tragus stud! This is incredible!

For those quirky individuals out there, try a silver pineapple tragus stud! Why not?

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Opting for a small hoop means choosing from a huge array of jewelry styles!

And if you’re a fan of heartilage piercings, why not opt for a pre-formed heart tragus ring?

Heart Hoop Cartilage Rings

Or on the opposite side of the spectrum, go hardcore with this spiked tragus clicker!

Tragus Clicker Rings

There’s just a small selection of the huge array of tragus jewelry you could be rocking right now! Check out the rest of our massive selection of styles in our tragus jewelry section.