Upper Lip Frenulum Piercing: AKA Smiley / Scrumper Piercing

Scrumper Piercing

We can all agree that the most beautiful thing a person can wear is a smile. A sign of happiness or appreciation, a person smiles an average of 20 times a day. The smiley piercing, or equally known as the scrumper piercing, will be noticed when a person smiles or their upper lip retracts. It is pierced through the thin, delicate tissue that connects the upper lip to the gums. Virtually pain free and obviously one of a kind, the scrumper is an up and coming piercing that people are getting done more and more everyday.


This piercing is known to have a quick and easy healing process, but proper care will be needed for a successful scrumper piercing! Since it is an oral piercing, caution must be taken with what one eats. Spicy food and extreme hot or cold food will make the piercing sensitive. Smoking and alcohol consumption will make the healing process more painful and put the frenulum at risk for infection and fall out. Kissing or any oral activity with another person is not recommended.

The urge to touch this piercing will be prevalent in even the strongest of wills. Hands should be clean if this urge is too much. The tongue should not play with the jewelry either. Rinsing the piercing with warm salt water after meals and before bed is suggested by most piercing professionals. Avoid mouthwashes containing alcohol. For the scrumper piercing to heal and for you to be on your smiling way expect a month to three months of recovery time. The jewelry used by the piercer should be kept in until it is fully healed! 

Girl With Upper Frenulum Piercing

The smiley piercing is notorious for its short performance of about one year. During this time, a common problem is that it wears down one’s tooth enamel and gums. If redness or swelling occurs, an infection is most likely transpiring. Migration or rejection of the jewelry is a sign that it should be removed. Discoloration or receding of the gums is also a sign from the piercing gods that the scrumper piercing is not meant for you. The jewelry is rubbing against the teeth and gums, there is probably some determent that will be done. For people that get this unique piercing, a short permanence is probably a fair deal. The cost of this piercing usually runs from $35 - $75 depending on what area you live in.

Frenulum Piercing Jewelry

Once your piercing is healed and you’re ready to individualize your jewelry, the best jewelry for your pierced upper frenulum piercing will include Circular Horseshoe Rings, Curved Barbells, and Captive Bead Rings. The common gauge size is 18G or 16G depending on how much tissue there is. Material used will depend on your body’s preference. 

Your one of a kind piercing will bring out your one of a kind smile. Happy shopping! https://www.urbanbodyjewelry.com/