What is a Labret Piercing?

 While it is now becoming more and more popular every day all over the world, the labret piercing are certainly not as well-known as some other facial piercings such as nose rings or regular ear piercings. Thus, it is important to define what it is Labret Body Jewelryexactly- a piercing in the area right below the very center of the lower lip. This is the more precise definition, but some people also consider regular lip piercings as well as Monroe piercings as part of this category. The labret piercing has been around for a relatively long time, and has been a special trend amongst the males of American Northwest Coast Indians. After a while, the piercing spread to females as well, and now both genders get them frequently.

Labret Piercing Healing Time

Compared to a lot of other piercings, labret piercings are especially slow to heal, because they are in such a delicate area. But despite the length of the piercing’s recovery, which could last anywhere from 9 to 12 months, they can be worth getting. However, just like all other piercings, it is very important for them to be kept clean and properly cared for.

How Much Does a Labret Piercing Cost?

Labret piercings will not cost you an outrageous amount of money. On the other hand, they are actually relatively inexpensive to get; the average price is around 50 dollars. Just make sure you get it done by someone who knows what he or she is doing, as a poorly done piercing can lead to unpleasant gum or tooth damage.Lip Rings

Where Do I Get Pierced?

Look for a tattoo parlor or a piercing shop to get your labret piercing, you will likely not need to look too far, especially if you live in a large city. On the other hand, however, if you happen to live in a smaller town, it might prove a bit more difficult, so try to travel out to a larger city if you’re having problems locating one.

The Meaning

You might be a bit disappointed to discover that unfortunately, labret piercings do not usually have a lot of sentimental meaning. Perhaps they used to, but there are not enough studies today to prove that they would be associated with possibly wealth or anything else. The only thing people know for sure today is that they were long ago used to help identify members of the tribe. But as this is no longer the case, you’re probably better off just finding your own meaning for your labret, or using it to enhance your lips.

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