When Is It Inappropriate To Wear Body Jewelry?

 While you may not always keep in mind when to opt to wear your body jewelry, it is sometimes an essential thing to do to remember when it is appropriate and more importantly- when it is inappropriate to wear it. For instance, regular jewelry like bracelets and necklaces have been worn publicly for many years, and was never considered a bad thing. However, because body jewelry, such as nose rings, tongue rings, as well as some other types of more modernly accepted body piercings mightBody Jewelry Gauges not get you very good results for some situations.

Body jewelry can be a wonderful way of expressing yourself, and can have deep meaning and true beauty. However, despite this, it is considered inappropriate by society to wear body jewelry to certain events. For example, you would not show happiness at a funeral, because this would be viewed as though you are happy at the person’s death. Similarly, though you can definitely wear sweatpants and a t-shirt to a job interview, it might not get you the position you have been seeking. And of course, yelling at libraries or other civilized public places would also be considered unwise and irrational.

While the circumstances might seem different, much of the principles mentioned in the above situations can also easily apply to body jewelry. It might be seen as disrespectful to wear a labret or a nose ring to a funeral because it is such a delicate, serious event. Though you wouldn’t outright be saying that you aren’t serious about the situation, it might be seen as though you cannot be formal enough for the grieving process.

Besides this, other public events, such as meetings, interviews or appearances in court will also likely be better off body-jewelry-free. If you doubt that the person running the event will be wearing a nose ring, then it is better judgment not to wear one yourself.

You might feel as though weather you wear body jewelry or not pertains only to those pieces that actually show- but apparently, in some situations, this is not true. While a nipple ring or a Prince Albert wand might be normally hidden beneath clothing, wearing these at the airport security might cause some problems. The security agents might not be as understanding when their metal detectors start ringing