Five Things You Shouldn't Do Before Getting Pierced

Things You Should Not Do Before Getting a Piercing

You might think that it won’t hurt to go out drinking the night before a morning piercing appointment or that skipping breakfast the morning of isn’t that big of a deal. But when it comes to getting pierced these are just some of the major things NOT TO DO before getting pierced. They will put you and maybe even your piercer in danger. Some of it is legally required and others are just common sense. You don’t have to make these mistakes!

Not Doing Research!

It’s important to look into your piercer’s practice before getting a body piercing from them to make sure they’re using gloves and sterilized equipment. Don’t forget to look into the piercing itself to find out exactly what you are to expect and the aftercare you will need. Even something as simple as the price needs to be researched!

Getting Drunk or Drinking at All

It’s actually illegal to pierce or tattoo anyone that appears to be under the influence. Even if your piercer just ends up smelling a beer on you! Alcohol thins out the blood and may make you bleed more when being pierced.  This actually works for caffeine and energy drinks as well. Lots of drinks will thin your blood!

The above are reason enough before even mentioning that alcohol may impair your judgment! No one wants to wake up with a spur of the moment piercing that they didn’t actually want.

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Not Eating Beforehand or Fasting

It’s advised that you eat a small meal at least six hours before being pierced. Not eating lowers your blood sugar and thins your blood so that you will bleed more than usual. Not to mention, low blood sugar might cause you to pass out more easily!

Getting Sick 

When you’re sick your body is using its immune system to heal your sick body. That takes away from the energy you have to heal a piercing! Without your immune system is sending all its defences it has to help you get over your cold, when you might need them to fend off something like an infection. Even if you avoid infection, generally, the healing process will take longer.

Don’t Forget Your Hygiene Practices!

Are you getting an oral piercing? Brush your teeth beforehand! Getting a nipple piercing? Take a shower. From eyebrow piercings to genital piercings, it’s so important to clean yourself before and after. Bad hygiene might lead to bad bacteria in the sterilized area and is generally not pleasant for a close-in-proximity piercer to deal with!

Of course, each piercing shop has its own rules. Some are legal requirements, while others are just common sense. Make sure to always check with your piercer before getting pierced if you have a concern or even before you book an appointment in order to be fully prepared.

It is never worth it to put yourself at risk by not doing something as simple as cooking toast before getting pierced! What do you think? Have you ever been turned away from a piercing shop for any of the above? Let us know!